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Luxury Hotel Decoration


Hi, today is an important day, our hotel opens after long and only you can help make us to make it to look really good. We want all customers to be happy and know that you will do everything you need for the hotel to become the best. You have to take care of the administrative stuff but also cleaning and decorating. We have confidence in your skills in terms of artistic sense. Our hotel is a luxury and you have to be very attentive to details. Furniture should look great and you should not forget the garden in front of the hotel. You're a great kid, we know that you'll be able to do everything just through this hotel decoration game. In this girls game you have the opportunity to prove that in the future can become a designer known. Here you can make friends and certainly they will come and they test their talent in terms of decoration. We know you have a very nice room and therefore we trust you'll make this hotel to be known worldwide.Pay attention to all the details.- First you have enter into the hotel;- You go to the reception;- You'll receive a visa on passport;- Now you can know the hotel;- You have to clean;- Clean cobweb from the corridor;- Wash sandstone;- Paint the door;- Water the flowers;- In the room you should vacuum;- To clean the dust;- Arrange furniture;- Arrange bed;- Then you must collect all the garbage;- Wash windows;- Now you have to clean the bathroom;- Wash sink;- Disinfect bathroom;- Wash tiles;- Fix tiles;- Eliminate cockroaches;- In the dining room should you clean;- Wash tablecloths;- Gather the leftovers;- Clean the carpet;- Arrange all the flowers to beautify the place;- You need to change the water in the pool;- Arrange deck chair;- The hotel looks very good now;- You did a very good job.
Thank you for coming to help us, you're a great friend. Please come back every day through this game.
Have fun!